Digital billboards are not so new to people nowadays. In the past, digital billboards were only accessible to the largest global brands with enormous marketing financial capacities. Now with the advanced technologies and decreasing cost of a digital screen technology, an outdoor advertising has done some exciting and amazing changes. As a matter of fact, you may have seen billboards in your place being replaced with more attractive digital billboards. With that being said, this trend will be consistently evident in major centers all over the world in the near future. The following are some of the advantages of using a digital billboard in Hamilton: 

1. Product Cost Savings

Actually, there are not posters needed, therefore, you already save on the printing cost.

2. Prime Locations

These digital billboards are usually installed in the most crowded and busiest places. More people passing and seeing these digital billboards would only mean more potential clients.

3. Multiple Messages

When you have various stores to promote your product, you can send various versions of your advertisement with the address of each product. However, if you have 2 services or products to promote, just sent in 2 ads and you may use your time slot in order to display the two.

4. Shorter Lead Times

Your advertisement is basically sent electronically to the screen that can occur in just a matter of hours, so you do not need to send the paper poster 2 weeks before your digital ad goes up.

5. Shorter Campaigns

Generally, two weeks is the suggested period of time for a digital billboard advertisement to be displayed to maximize the exposure. However, there are certain situations when it might be more advantageous to operate your digital advertisement over a longer period of time for just a lesser number of hours. This decreases potential wastage (when your digital ad is actually less effective), making more effective use of your finances.

6. Flexible Start Dates

Outdoor ad traditionally works in 2-week blocks since there are a number of good rationales for this. With digital, however, you may begin and end on the exact day you like. If your occasion is on a Friday, for instance, you can actually seize your ad on the Friday, or the Thursday before, or even the Monday.

7. Certain Times of Day

Just think about your products or services to be promoted. If you’re a bar or an off-license, do you need to flash your ad to people in a morning commute or in the evening? Of course, you would not. The afternoon would be more appropriate to promote your bargain products. In addition to that, you may also choose to get the attention of the people as they head home coming from a very stressful and tiring day at work.

8. Creativity

Digital technology basically offers a lot of good creative opportunities with the use of all those features previously mentioned. You can actually use those as a guide or you can think of your own for your business.